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Labradorite Point Crystal


Labradorite Point Crystals is a protective crystal with a highly mystical quality. It is the bringer of light and will deflect unwanted energy from entering your aura. Labradorite can help you to overcome fears and calms an overactive mind making it great as a protector.

Why are some crystals pointed?

A single crystal point pointed away from the body draws energy off, and pointed inwards draws energy in.

Points can be used in combination with other crystals to create an energy grid, opening and aligning whilst clearing the aura bodies and opening energy blocks whilst harnessing positive energy.

Where should I place my Labradorite Point Crystal?

Place your labradorite point crystal facing southwest on your windowsill to capture the natural sunlight, and amplify its vast spectrum of colours. Be wary of the amount of time spent in the sun however, as extended periods of direct sunlight may cause deeply coloured Labradorite to fade over time. You can also place Labradorite in your living area, bedroom, or on your desk to tap into its powerful vibrations of calmness, relaxation and inner wisdom.

How to use your Crystal:

We highly recommend to bless your Crystal in a cleansing ritual to enhance its' natural qualities and healing powers. Cleanse your crystal with one of our purifying Smudges sticks or Palo Santo. Simply set the sage stick alight and blow out the flame. Allow the smoke to flow around your new crystal and immerse it within its cleansing powers. 

After you purify and put your intentions, your crystal is now able to fully infuse your soul with positive energy and healing.

Recharge your crystals;
  • Under the Moonlight
  • Under the sunlight
  • Under the rain

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All Akasha products are ethically sourced from South America and Indonesia. They are natural and handpicked, so no two are the same.

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Labradorite Point Crystal