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Blue Sage Smudge Stick


Blue Sage (Salvia azurea) has soft blue undertones and is widely used for cleansing and purification purposes, providing spiritual strength and removing negative energies. The ancient art of smudging, traditionally used by the Native Americans, attracts positive energy and influence by restoring balance and connection, driving away unwanted negative energies from a person, space or object.

Each Blue Sage Smudge Stick comes with a dried flower and small seletine crystal. This natural and earthy dried flower arrangement can be used for decoration or just as a typical smudge stick. Smudge sticks can be used for wedding bouquet for your unforgettable day with your bridesmaids, or as a gift for your mother, sister or any woman in your life. Each smudge stick is unique and designed with love … the aromatic spellbinding fragrance given from each unique flower is especially created just for you.

What is Smudging?

Derived from Native American ceremonies to cleanse and bless people and places, smudging is the practice of slowly burning herbs and flowers in a space. Now science is proving that smudging acts as an antiseptic to literally cleanse the air. considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plants.

We take pride in our craft and selection of high-quality products and believe deeply in our process. Each product is carefully inspected in-house at our Northern Beaches sanctuary before it is sent with love to you. As such, we offer a guarantee on all of our products. Our team personally swears by them ... and we hope you do too! 

• 100% natural products
• Ethically sourced ingredients
• Money-back guarantee
• High quality Australian stock
• Fast delivery

My name is Julia and I’m the proud owner & founder of Akasha Crystals. I am deeply curious in life and I thrive on dive into all things cosmic, unique and mystical.

Crystals and Jewels have always played a huge part in my life, and always bring peace, harmony, positivity and inspiration to my surroundings. Crystals, smudges and oracles have opened my mind to be mindful and conscious of spiritual guidance, and infuse my soul with positive energy. 

I have learnt so much from my passions, and my mission is to share this knowledge and inspire others to follow their dreams. I want my community to experience the powers of these natural, handpicked crystals, jewellery, smudges and oracles through Akasha Crystals, and shop with purpose.

From my heart to yours. May your creativity be boundless, and your time be spent doing what sets your soul on fire.

With love always,
Julia Do Vale 

Australian Stock

Each Akasha products are carefully inspected in-house at our Northern Beaches sanctuary before it is sent to you with love.

Sustainably Sourced

All Akasha products are ethically sourced from South America and Indonesia. They are natural and handpicked, so no two are the same.

Fast & Free Delivery

Akasha Crystals offers free shipping on orders over $60. Orders are processed within 24 hours and arrive within days.

Blue Sage Smudge Stick