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All Akasha Crystals are unique in their own way, just as we are. Whether you’re after a crystal to cleanse your space of negative energy, create balance and peace within your sanctuary or motivate you to reach your full potential, allow our Akasha Angels to guide you through our carefully curated range.

Our stunning gold plated Jewellery has been sent from the angels at Ananda Soul Creations, an Indonesian based brand where each piece is blessed in a Balinese ceremony. A percentage of profits for our jewellery range goes towards the ‘Adopt a Family’ charity, to help Balinese families in need.

We curated our range of crystals and jewellery, and then expanded the Akasha collection into sages, smudge sticks and Oracles. We believe the magical properties of our crystals are powerfully aligned with these compatible products, and wanted to offer our Akasha community the most spiritual, emotive experience possible.

We hope that the Akasha collection allows you to connect with yourselves further than ever before, and empower you to support brands creating a positive impact on the planet. If you are in love with Akasha Crystals, please involve your family, friends and all your Angels around you. Please join our community at @crystalsbyakasha, a space where we share our thoughts, photos and experiences. We would be honoured to have you in our community.

Love Julia Do Vale,
Team Akasha