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Crystals By Akasha

Explore our collection of handpicked crystals to purify, calm and rejuvenate your energy. Whether you’re after healing, purification, peaceful or romantic qualities, our carefully curated range of powerful crystals and stones will inspire positive energy and tranquil vibes.

Jewellery By Akasha

Our Jewellery is carefully curated of sustainably-sourced for the wayfarer of the world. Discover the unique collection by Ananda Soul, crafted with sustainable materials from the island of the Gods. With each unique piece blessed in a Balinese ceremony

Smudge Sticks By Akasha

Purify your surroundings and rid your environment of any negative energy with our organic smudge sticks. Designed to cleanse and heal your space, our bespoke range of smudges are handmade with seasonal flowers and organic plants.

Oracles By Akasha

Ignite your spiritual awakening and connect with your sub-conscious with our Oracles and Tarot Cards. Tap into your intuition to self-reflect and explore your inner emotions, thoughts and potential with our Oracle decks.

Cleansing your environment & yourself can have significant effect on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Smudging has been used by many cultures across the world to clear away negative energies. It involves the burning of sacred herbs to produce smoke. This smoke is used to cleanse the energy of your home, workplace or even your body.


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